Articulation Agreements:
Dakota County Technical College
Hennepin Technical College
Various Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
3 Credits
3 Credits

This is a great program for everyone interested in photography, whether it be for a career, hobby or just to have better images for their social media. These courses are taught by practicing professional photographers who bring real-world experience into the classroom. The classes cover an extremely wide range of subjects and photographic techniques.
Our facilities offer a Mac lab with the full Adobe software suite for digital editing and printing. Two darkrooms are used for traditional black and white film photography. There is also a portrait studio with a full range of photography tools at your disposal.
This is a hands-on course! The majority of your class time will be spent working on your very own unique photographs.

Photo 1: Photo Boot Camp
Prerequisite: None
In this fun, fast-paced course, you will learn how to create your own, truly great photographs. By the end of this course you will also be able to take control of any camera, direct people for better portraits, shoot in a studio, edit in Photoshop like a professional and even print traditional black and white photos in a darkroom.

Photo 2: Applied Photography
Prerequisite: Photo 1
After mastering the controls of a camera and the basic processes of photography, this course gives you the opportunity to apply those skills to professional-like photography assignments. Those cover the range from portraits, photojournalism, advertising, landscape and much more. This course should give you  foundation in the skills necessary to be a professional photographer.

Advanced Photography 1: Personal Portfolio
Prerequisites: Photo 1 & 2
In Advanced Photo 1, you will refine your skills and be pushed into truly developing your own unique style for your photography. Throughout the semester you will develop a truly stunning professional print and web-based portfolio. This course is for those who are truly dedicated to the craft of photography and willing to spend a fair amount of time both in and out of school working on their own photography.