Computer Networking

Computer NetworkingInstructor:
Greg Flekke

Articulation Agreements:
Anoka Ramsey Community College
Dakota County Technical College
Dunwoody College of Technology
Inver Hills Community College
3 Credits
5 Credits
8 Credits
5 Credits

TestOut Network Pro certification should be recognized by any college with a similar class.

Computer Networking explains how computer networks and the Internet work. It covers computer-to-computer communication and the various communication pathways in detail.
Prerequisite: Computer Repair

Semester 1: Networking Basics
Cables and Connections
Networking Devices
Network Implementation
Wireless Networking
Wide Area Networks
Semester 2: Network Security
Network management

Students who take this class generally want to...

  • Go to College (2- or 4-year) for some aspect of computers and computer networks- hardware, networking or programming.
  • Understand more about computer technology than was taught in the Computer Repair course.
  • Understand a "language" of inter-computer communication and are interested in how that communication takes place.
  • Apply themselves to an interesting, technical subject that is in use all over the world.
  • Obtain a Network Pro or Network Plus Certification

A mastery level of understanding of computers and an introductory understanding of computer networks is required for successful completion of this course. Students are encouraged to start during the Fall semester. Taking or passing the Network Pro or Network Plus exam is not a course requirement and does not count negatively toward your grade. You will be offered a chance to take the Network Pro exam during class.