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SWMetro Welcomes Bloomington Public Schools!
Posted on 07/01/2020
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SWMetro welcomes Bloomington Public Schools as a new Associate Member! 

The SWMetro Governing Board approved Bloomington’s request for Associate Membership effective July 1, 2020. 

As an Associate Member District, Bloomington will receive the same educational support as Member Districts for a two-year period. During the period of associate membership, they will be non-voting members and will not have voting representation at Board meetings.

Bloomington remains a member of Intermediate District 917 (917) as well with continued full access to the programs offered by 917. Bloomington District students will now also have access to programs offered by SWMetro and Bloomington staff will have the benefit of attending SWMetro Professional Development opportunities when available.

At SWMetro, everyone has value, potential, and ability. When given an opportunity to help any students receive the quality education they deserve, SWMetro provides support in any capacity, as reflected in the SWMetro’s Mission and Vision statements.