Meet the Staff: Paul Houck

Meet the Staff: Paul Houck
Posted on 10/03/2017
Paul Houck
Meet PAUL HOUCK English Teacher, SouthWest Metro High School
"My name is Paul Houck. I was born in a small town called Madras, in the timber-filled state of Oregon (Or-uh-gun). I lived in Madras until I was 18, and then I headed west to Eugene, Oregon, to attend college at the University of Oregon. I received my bachelor’s degree at the UofO where I studied Music, Spanish, Education, and a even little Geology. I wandered aimlessly about for a few years and then went back to school at Concordia University to earn my master’s degree in Education. I spent some time after graduation to travel and do service work, including a whole summer in Mexico with high school kids (we dug giant holes!) and a year in Argentina.

I love to travel and experience different people and cultures. If I could afford it, I would take a year and travel around the world. I’m married to an amazing woman, Katey, and have a baby, Granger, and a puppy, Sir Puddles Ducklington Houck. I’m excited to work at SWMHS because I love being around teenagers. Adults spend too much of their time being serious, but kids have fun, fresh perspectives that I enjoy. I am looking forward to helping students at the ALC become successful, integral parts of their communities. My philosophy is every thought we put on paper and every story we read is one step closer to understanding each other and ourselves, so we should read and write every chance we get."