May 15 2018 Professional Development Corner

PD Corner May 15, 2018
Posted on 05/15/2018
Professoinal Development Week CoverPD Corner May 15, 2018
By Dave Olson
Program Development Coordinator/ ABE and Testing Coordinator

Spring has finally arrived! Even though teachers and staff are busy finishing things for this school year, in the PD Department, we are already planning for next school year. It is definitely a different focus than I am used to after spending 30+ years in the classroom! With that in mind, we are excited to let you know of several opportunities you may wish to begin planning for as you wrap up this year, reflect on areas of growth for this year, and begin to make plans for next year.

PD Week
PD Week for Educators is August 13-16.
Thank you to the SouthWest Metro staff members who submitted proposals to present. We are excited to offer over 50 courses and over 30 presenters throughout those four days. All classes will take place at our 401 site in Chaska. We have offerings in all areas and these courses are open ALL staff. We hope you will take advantage of these FREE opportunities for professional growth. We have delivered brochures to all member districts and registrations have begun rolling in. Because space is limited, please sign up early so our district employees get first chance at these courses.

Another thing we are excited about related to PD week is the opportunity for staff to be able to get inexpensive Graduate Credit (for an additional cost) through Learners Edge for attending these courses and completing some additional requirements. All of the information about PD week is in the brochures, online, or available by contacting Joy Whitehead or Dave Olson.

New Teacher Orientation/ Mentor Training
New Teacher Orientation and Mentoring activities will take place August 13 – 14.
If you are asked to be a mentor by your supervisor, you will be receiving a letter from me. We are starting a Paraprofessional Mentoring Program this year as well. We are excited to support our licensed staff mentors and Para Mentors with some additional training opportunities around coaching. The tentative dates for these training opportunities are scheduled for August 6 (1/2 day) and at our November 21 and January 21 workshops. 

Other PD Opportunities
If you are interested in learning more about any Metro ECSU classes listed below, please contact me. I will forward the information to you.

  • Teaching English Language Learners in Core Content (August 6 and August 8)
  • Math Engagement Series (August 6 &9
  • Motivation and Language (August 7)
  • Student Centered Co-Teaching (August 7)
  • Redefining Co-Teaching with Core Competencies (August 10)

Some other opportunities we are working on for next year include (dates are tentative):

  • Constructive Problem Solving for Teams – October 4 and December 6
  • School Chemical Health Fall Summit – October 5
  • Social Workers Summit and Ethics Training- TBD

As you know, Kick-off will come faster than we can imagine. Kick-off is again set for Chaska Event Center. It will take place on August 27, and our Keynote Speaker will be Jean Abbott - Speaker and Author of  Misdiagnosed: My Thirty-Year Struggle with a Debilitating Disorder I Never Had 

Learn more: jeanabbott

It has been an absolute pleasure serving you in the area of Professional Development. I am constantly amazed by the dedication and efforts of our SouthWest Metro staff members. Have a wonderful final month of school, and if I can be of assistance please feel free to reach out to me.