First Day of School Jitters by Maddie Weinzierl

First Day of School Jitters by Maddie Weinzierl
Posted on 09/07/2018
Paraprofessional Maddie Weinzierl stands with her student in the lobby of River Valley Education Center in Jordan."This year is my second year as a paraprofessional at RVEC. I started in January of last school year so I never had the opportunity to experience “the first day of school” with my students. However, I had heard that, historically, the first day of class was challenging.

On September 4th I woke up mentally preparing myself for what I assumed would be a very involved day. At 7:30 I was anxiously awaiting students to arrive when I heard a familiar voice booming through the halls. It was one of my students that I had built an especially good rapport with during the previous school year.

When he turned the corner he saw me and his face lit up. He SCREAMED my name and ran to me. He jumped in my arms and said “I’ve missed you so much Miss Maddie!” I felt instant relief and knew I was exactly where I was meant to be.

It was a great first day and a great first week. I am excited for what the school year has to bring."

Maddie Weinzierl
River Valley Education Center