Expand your Skills!

Expand your Skills!
Posted on 08/02/2017
Professional Development Workshop in Session, 2015Let's Hear It!
Thursday, August 17th @ 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Come and share some of the experiences that Deaf or Hard of Hearing students encounter in the classroom. We will walk through some of the challenges that students and teachers face when different hearing abilities are present. We will provide opportunities to explore some of the accommodations and assistive technology that classroom teachers use to support student access to auditory information. Join us as we discuss identification, challenges and supports to foster success for our Deaf or Hard of Hearing students.

Presented by: SWM D/HH & Auditory Team


Focus on Vision
Thursday, August 17th @ 1:45 - 3:15 PM

Educators believe more than 80% of what children learn comes to them through their vision. Through intervention, students with visual impairments can become successful and independent.  Join us as we consider how vision impacts learning, how students qualify for vision services, and how we can support students in our classrooms with a vision impairment. Simulation activities on assistive technology and touch on human guide, will be demonstrated.

Presented by: Beth McGarr & Jody Seurer, SWM Teachers of Visually Impaired


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