Creative Problem Solving for Teams February 2019

Creative Problem Solving for Teams
Posted on 02/07/2019
Creative Problem Solving for Teams February 7 2019CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING

Thursday, February 7th

11:00 am - Registration & Lunch
12:00 - 3:00 pm - Workshop

Granary Event Center at Chaska Mill
500 N Pine Street, Chaska

$25 per participant / $20 per participant in teams of 5+

Teams of education professionals will learn the skills to work together more effectively.

Over this 3-hour session, participants will
- Discover individual communication preferences, conflict styles, and conflict triggers
- Explore current interpersonal communication patterns
- Learn & practice conflict resolution skills that are effective in reducing interpersonal conflict in everyday communication across teams
- Learn the nuts & bolts of consensus-based decision making
- Experience the application of a process in a facilitated scenario while practicing idea generation, criteria building, and solution selection

Maximum of 25 participants!
Register your team early!


Register online at

Professional Development Coordinator
(952) 567-8107


Elise M. Chambers is the Program Director of the Conflict Resolution Center, an attorney, a Qualified Neutral under Minn. Rule 114 and an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota School of Law. Elise is also trained in facilitated dialogue methods, including Nonviolent Communication and the Art of Hosting practices of Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, Pro-Action Café and World Café. Elise has over two decades of experience in nonprofit programming.

At CRC, Elise has developed workshops and trainings in mediation, communication skills, brain science, youth mentoring, community leadership, and group facilitation processes. Elise has presented at a number of statewide conferences, including YIPA Fest and Conflict Resolution Minnesota’s annual conference. Recently, Elise presented at the 2015 national Association for Conflict Resolution conference and the Twin Cities Diversity Round Table. Elise also provides regular workshop sessions at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. Elise is the co-author and presenter of published research regarding youth brain development and the mutual impacts of the juvenile justice system and adolescent mental illness on each other.

Elise designs and implements trainings and facilitated processes for non-profit organizations, coalitions, government offices and businesses to help them address conflict and achieve their goals. The leadership team at an organization with over 750 employees was struggling with how to improve the organization’s culture. Elise worked with leadership and staff to design a facilitated, multi-year change implementation process assessing and addressing the concerns and goals of leadership and staff. Elise equipped leadership and staff with the tools they needed to positively change the conflict resolution and communication landscapes of their organization.