School Messenger

SM Parent Preferences from SchoolMessenger on Vimeo.

SouthWest Metro may need to send messages to students, parents and staff in the event of a weather related closure or an emergency. One way you can receive notifications is through the School Messenger system.
To receive emails and phone calls, please make sure your email and cell phone number are up to date in our TIES system.

There is one more step if you would like to receive text messages:
Once your cell phone number is on file, please opt-in to receive messages by send a text message to 
68453 with "Y" or "yes" in the text.

If all of your information is correct in our TIES system and you have opted-in but do not receive notifications, please contact Jacqueline Johnson (952) 567-8104

Information regarding weather related closures, late starts and early releases will also be posted on the home page of the school website and on the SWMetro Facebook and Twitter pages.