Zentangle Art

Zentangle Art
Posted on 11/25/2020
ZentangleStudents in our ALC completed Zentangles last week.

Zen means a peaceful or relaxed state. By creating a Zentangle artwork, the artist can increase their focus, creativity, and  their overall well being through the rhythmic patterns and lines. Anyone can create a Zentangle! 

Benefits of Zentangle: 
 - They are relaxing.
 - They work as nonverbal journaling.
 - They can help with behavior modification and anger management.
 - They nurture and develop creative abilities.
 - They improve eye/hand coordination.
 - They increase attention span and ability to concentrate.
- They foster problem-solving skills.

Learn how to get started with Zentangle method in the classroom

Check out our students Zentangles below: 

Zentangle Student Art 7

Zentangle Student Art 1
 Zentangle Student Art 3
Zentangle Student Art 4