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Ionization and UVGI Units Installed at SWMetro Sites
Posted on 11/13/2020
Ricky and Parker install an ionization unit at River Valley Education Center. A blue band winds through HVAC equipment.You may have seen some people walking around on the roof this week - but it’s not Santa Claus!

SouthWest Metro is partnering with SiteLogiq to install ionization technology at our Chaska, Jordan, and Shakopee program sites. These ionization units are to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses in our school buildings. Ionization technology sanitizes the air inside, making it healthier and safer to breathe.

How does it work? Electronic charges attach to airborne pathogens and neutralize them, making it an effective way to address COVID-19 and other microorganisms and viruses in our school buildings.

Polluted air on right with many disorganized molecules represented by dots. Clean air on right with identifiable molecules.

St. Boni Education Center, since the HVAC system is a little different from our other buildings, has had UVGI units installed in each classroom - these look similar to air conditioners. UVGI stands for Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation which removes infectious organisms from the air using UV light, making the air molecules safe to breathe once passed through the UV light and filtration system.

Bacteria, virus, and spore molecules enter the filter and are neutralized upon exit.

Installation was successfully completed the week of November 9th through November 12th thanks to installers like Parker and Ricky (pictured). Despite the icy weather and rooftop climb, SiteLogiq’s teams worked hard to make sure our staff and students are breathing in clean, healthy air!

Ricky and Parker stand next to a large metal cabinet on the roof of River Valley Education Center.

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