Our Coworkers During Distance Learning

Our Coworkers During Distance Learning
Posted on 05/01/2020
Dan Dierfeldt's Cat Carmels#Coworker has been trending on Twitter and social media as people share what their new quarantined coworkers are up to. 

For a laugh, say "Currently, my coworker is ______" and share it with us to share with our staff! We could all use a laugh and smile. 

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Betsy Rahe | brahe@swmetro.k12.mn.us

Check out what some of the SWMetro staff has said about their new coworkers: 

My coworker, "Caramels has become interested in the work I do on my work computer. So far she is unwilling to help out!" - Dan Dierfeldt, Social Worker 

"I miss my old coworkers. My new ones just sleep all day" - Jenn Bock, Director of Communications 

"Currently, my co-worker is nestled in a basket of clean laundry, watching me eat instant oatmeal, partially clothed" - Denise Hedtke, Teacher 

 "Currently, my co-worker is changing the channel so I can't concentrate on my work... she wants to watch Pets2" - Julie Tesch, Paraprofessional 
Staff member's cat holds the TV remote