Welcome, Officer Strack!

Welcome, Officer Strack!
Posted on 03/06/2018
Officer Jeff Strack school photo“My first goal is to make a positive connection with the kids.

I’m another resource for the kids and the staff to make the building safer overall."

Meet Jeff.

Officer Jeff Strack is our new School Resource Officer at River Valley Education Center in Jordan. He has four sons and grew up in the area.

“Tell me about your decision to pursue this position.”

I got hired with the Jordan Police Department back in 2009 and when I went to school for it, I heard an Edina School Resource Officer speak and from that point in my career, it was my goal to get into a school.

From 2011, I started taking School Officer Trainings. When the position opened up for this building, it was like “Yep, that’s where I need to go.”

It was always a rush to work with the kids when I got called up here – I enjoyed building that relationship with them to get them to trust law enforcement.

“What are your aspirations to build a relationship with the community?”

I grew up in this town, so I’m familiar with the community-based police and school; I’m in the building 99.9% of the day, and a lot of our kids here are not Jordan community members.

I’m here to build that report of “I’m just a person; you can talk to me.” It’s coming down to the kids’ level and talking to them like a normal human being.

“You’ve only been here two weeks, and already as I was coming in to meet you, a student was addressing you by name and eagerly saying goodbye.”

My goal was to be out in the mornings, meeting and greeting every kid that comes in. I like to get to know the kids by first name and joke with them. When the kids are having a rough time, sometimes joking or laughing will turn that kid around.

If they have good days, I will walk them out to their bus or car at the end of the day because they’ve earned it. A child earned recess time today and he wanted to play basketball with me. If you can turn your day around and earn it, then you can have that time with Officer Strack.

Kids are smarter than we think they are, so they pick up real quick who you are. They know that I’m here, and they know what I’m here for. And yes, I’m here to keep the building safe, but in the end to also build that relationship with these kids and have fun.

“Jeff Trick is amazing – How are you going to top that?”

I’m not gonna answer that one.

Jeff Strack, SRO
River Valley Education Center
(952) 567-8275